Diagnosing CIU

Specialists Who Diagnose and Treat CIU

Getting the right diagnosis may lead to a treatment that works for you.

Sometimes it’s necessary to see a specialized doctor in addition to your primary care doctor to get a more detailed diagnosis of your condition. This is where a specialist comes in handy.

Seeing a specialist who can diagnose and treat chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU) is a step in getting more control of your condition. These specialists include allergists and dermatologists. The majority of CIU patients are diagnosed and treated by an allergist. However, a dermatologist may also diagnose and treat the condition as well.

Allergists and Dermatologist CIU Specialists

If you have hives that last for 6 weeks or more, you may want to see a specialist

What are the symptoms of CIU?

How a Specialist Diagnoses CIU

Chronic hives with no known cause are diagnosed by ruling out other potential causes. Your doctor will start by reviewing your complete medical history, followed by a comprehensive physical examination. Additional tests may be ordered based on the results.

If a cause still isn't found and if your symptoms have lasted 6 weeks or more, your doctor may diagnose you with CIU.