Track Your Progress on XOLAIR (Omalizumab)

Tracking Progress for Patients 12 Years of Age and Older

Tracking your allergic asthma symptoms and attacks may help you learn if XOLAIR is working for you. After some time, you may experience fewer asthma attacks and symptoms, such as:

Tracking Allergic Asthma Symptoms

Progress Takes Time

It may take some time for your symptoms to improve after starting XOLAIR. Creating a routine may help with your treatment progress and injection schedule. Also, remember to:

  • Follow your asthma specialist’s instructions
  • Stay on schedule with your XOLAIR injections, which will help with treating your moderate to severe allergic asthma
  • Do not stop taking any other asthma medicine unless the doctor tells you to
  • Talk to your asthma specialist about when you may expect to see results

It's important to stick with your treatment as prescribed by your specialist. Results may vary.

The XOLAIR Allergic Asthma Progress Tracker

Use the XOLAIR Progress Tracker for ages 12 and up to keep track of any allergic asthma symptoms you may (or may not) be having. Comparing symptoms you are not having with symptoms you may still be having may reveal how you’re doing on XOLAIR.

Share your results from month to month with your asthma specialist so he or she can see the results that you are noticing. This will help as you and your asthma specialist make treatment decisions moving forward.

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