Diagnosing Allergic Asthma

A Proper Diagnosis of Allergic Asthma May Lead to Fewer Attacks

You may be doing your absolute best to manage your asthma symptoms and attacks. So why do they keep coming? It may be that you need a more specific diagnosis. 

Being diagnosed with a specfic type of asthma, such as allergic asthma, may help you and your doctor decide on a treatment better suited to manage that specific type of asthma. Allergic asthma represents about 60% of all asthma cases, and about 80% of asthma in kids. Whether you're seeking a diagnosis for yourself or your child, seeing an asthma specialist may help.

What Is an Asthma Specialist?

An asthma specialist has additional years of specialized education in understanding, diagnosing, and treating asthma and allergic asthma. There are two types:

What is an allergist and pulmonologist?

How Is Allergic Asthma Diagnosed?

There are a few things your specialist may consider when diagnosing allergic asthma:

  • Your personal medical history and a physical exam
  • Your symptoms
  • The results of your allergen test

What Is an Allergen Test?

An allergen test is a blood test or skin test that can show whether you are allergic to specific allergens that may be causing your asthma symptoms. If you continue to have asthma symptoms, even though you are taking inhaled corticosteroids, you may want to see an asthma specialist.